The Effects Of Smoking On Teenagers Revisited

By | April 13, 2019

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Smoking among teenagers is an admittedly worried problem the world over. It would appear in some parts of the western countries in as much as there have been rigorous and far reaching anti-tobacco campaigns the stall in teenage tobacco use has only been but limited. The dangers and effects of cigarette smoking or tobacco use in general amongst children are well known. This includes the increased risk of cancers fluctuating predominately from lung cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer, throat cancer, gum cancer among many others.

Diseases such as those affecting the teeth and mouth in general which is oral health are also common among smoking teenagers. Teens suffer from serious bad breath, sore gums commonly known as gum inflammation and decaying teeth. This problem doctors sum it up as related to periodontal disease. Due to lack of medical attention due to fear of being discovered of being smokers, teens will let the condition of their oral health deteriorate out of control. Most parents will get to know very late that their teen child uses tobacco. This is a practical challenge on a world that has become extremely hectic.

New discoveries continue to be found by doctors revealing the deep effects of tobacco use in younger people. A new study done in the United States at UCLA brought to the surface a frightening effect of smoking in young people. The summary of the study is that smoking affects a part of the brain in young people that is still underdevelopment and responsible for decision making Tobacco causes decision making in young people to be skewed and perhaps less reasonable.

This effect on decision making, doctors say, will manifest in a decision to continue smoking even into adulthood. In other words this study suggests that teens who go on to smoke in adulthood have their decision making process negatively affected by smoking as teens hindering them from making the correct decision about their own health. In as much as this finding is worried, it is clear that the effects of cigarette use runs deeper than most of us can imagine. Efforts must continue to help teens realize the effects of their smoking.

It would appear the future success of anti-smoking campaigns involving teens will require that authorities and communities communicate all these new findings on tobacco use. It helps in a way to make the teens know that the world is concerned about their habit hence these ongoing studies. They will also realize that there are other even more harmful things being caused by tobacco that only time will tell through research.

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