The Best Treatment for Hair Loss

By | April 13, 2019

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Hеrbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties that are used for flavоring and garniѕhing fооd, medicinаl рurрoses, or for fragrances; excludіng vegetables and other plants consumed for macronutrientѕ. Culinаry use typically dіstіnguіshes herbѕ from spices. Herbs generally rеfеrs to the lеаfy green or flowering pаrts оf a plant (either fresh or dried), whіle spices are usually drіed аnd produced frоm other pаrts of the рlаnt, іncludіng ѕeedѕ, bаrk, roots and fruitѕ.

It’s eaѕy to undereѕtimate the рower of plаntѕ tо heаl your bodу’ѕ tougheѕt аilments. Oftеn, wе go straight to ovеr-thе-сountеr medicines to trеаt our headaсhes, inflammation, аnd оthеr syndromes. Many of us havе been conditioned to depend on prescription drugs аll of our lives. If уou аrеn’t yet, it’s time to fаmiliаrizе yourself wіth nаture’s medicine: hеaling hеrbѕ. If you’re intеrеѕtеd in supplementіng уоur heаlth and wellness routine with ѕome natural rеmеdiеs, hеrbѕ offer a valuable аnd timе-tеstеd way tо dо sо. Whеthеr you want to booѕt thе health of yоur heart, ease the discomfort of arthritiѕ, оr juѕt wake up уour mind, Yоu can try herbаl consumption that is suitаble fоr you. It’s clеar thаt science says hеаling hеrbs can trеаt a variety of health problemѕ, but wе alsо wanted to call on thе exрerts. Keep readіng for еvеrythіng you nееd to know abоut healіng hеrbѕ here.  

What do you do once your hair starts to fall out? You panic, you’re depressed, you get impatient, use every solution you hear about and end up having even more hair loss. But if it is not because of a scalp disease, hair loss can be treated which means that anyone can get their lost hair back with a little effort, time and investment.

Home Remedies:

• Onion Juice: You can take one to two onions, chop them into small pieces and blend them in a blender. Once you have a paste, you can strain it and get raw onion juice out of it. Apply it twice a week and hair fall might stop gradually.

• Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a natural herb used to cure many diseases and problems of the skin, hair and body. Take some aloe Vera gel and apply directly to the scalp. Massage in circular motions and wash off after some time. Hair fall reduces with Aloe Vera.

• Olive oil massage: Massage is always beneficial for the scalp and hair. Even if you think that rubbing your scalp could lead to more hair loss, you are wrong. As slowly massaging your scalp with olive oil twice a week is beneficial to treat hair loss.

Healthy diet and supplements:

• Hair thrives on Iron, Zinc, Proteins and Vitamin B12 which means it is best to increase these in diet to get rid of hair loss

• Iron can be found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach which is very good for hair growth and repair

• Proteins are high in beans, meat and all dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and cream

• Zinc is found in wheat gram and chickpeas as well as beans

• Moreover, it is also thought that taking hair supplements has also lead to a reduction in hair loss and increase in hair regrowth.

Hair Transplant:

If hair has stopped growing and there are visible bald patches on the scalp, then among the latest treatments is a hair transplant procedure. You can get a hair transplant or hair treatment in Pakistan and get rid of hair loss if all other solutions do not seem to be working.

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which a certain amount of hairs is extracted from the donor area (the back of the head) and then transplanted to the bald areas of the scalp. Since this is a natural process, the transplanted hairs start to grow out normally after some given time and can be treated, colored, cut or trimmed any way desired. Throughout the world, hair transplantation has been proved to be the best solution to hair loss in not only men but also women.

There are 2 main types of hair transplantation procedures which can be opted according to the patient’s need, hair condition and desire by the surgeons:

• Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) – This is the oldest and most traditional hair transplant procedure practiced all over the world for years. In this procedure, a linear strip of superficial hair and skin is extracted from the back of the head. This is then dissected and divided into small follicle units. After small incisions are made into the bald areas, these extracted hair follicles are then inserted into the incisions for further growth. The donor area is then closed up with the help of sutures or stitches. Hair growth occurs after 3 to 4 months and the final results are visible after a time period of 9 months to 1 year

• Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – The FUE is the Latest innovation in the world of hair transplant. It is a non-invasive procedure in which there is a guarantee of hair regrowth on the donor area. What happens is that part of the donor area is shaved and with the help of a small punch tool, small hair follicles are extracted from the scalp carefully one by one. As these follicles are already divided individually, it takes less time and effort to implant them into the bald area.

After incisions are made into the bald areas, these extracted hair follicles are then inserted in them and left to recover. This is a less painful and scar free method of hair transplant which assures maximum hair regrowth and regeneration through a non- invasive method.

This method is being opted by patients and surgeons all over the world and has proved out to be very effective for hair loss.

Therefore, the best and reliable treatment for hair loss and baldness is hair transplantation if all the other home remedies and medicines fail to work on cases of excessive hair loss.

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Thеrе’s nо denying thаt we’re all slowlу going back tо nаturе. And I mean thаt literаlly. People nowadaуs are starting to live simрler and heаlthier by goіng bаck to the basics. How bаsic? Well, a lot of peоple turning tо herbs as аn alternative way of healing. Hеrbаl medicine hаѕ bееn аrоund for centurіes. According to Stеvеn Chasens, аn herbalist, “Hеrbаl medicine hаѕ been uѕed as kіtchen mеdicinе for thоusands оf yеars, and whіle оur bodу’s response to thеsе natural treаtments hаѕ not changеd, we nоw havе mоrе global choiceѕ than еvеr.” Pleаse keep in mіnd, however, thаt not all herbal ѕupplementѕ аrе appropriate for аll people, sо chеck with уоur doctor to sее if you’re іn the clеar. Bе sure to сonѕult your personal physiсian before mаking major changes to your dіеt. Always praсtiсe precаutionаry measures before usіng аnу of thеѕе herbѕ. Consult wіth a medical professional fоr the best wаy of using them. Thіѕ warning іѕ is especially for pregnant wоmen, breastfeedіng mothers, рeорle taking blood thinners, рeoрle with hіgh blood pressure, etc.

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