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Causes and Treatments of Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm is becoming a significant problem in some areas, and consequently there are many pet owners wanting to find out more about the causes and treatments of heartworm in dogs. Causes of Heartworm in Dogs: The causes of heartworm in dogs are a combination of climate, the presence of mosquitoes which carry the heartworm microfilariae,… Read More »

Completeness of Ayurvedic Treatments in Curing Diseases and Ailments of the Body

If anyone asks what is the use of Ayurveda, you can say that it is an ancient medical treatment culture that exists here from the olden days. It has no side effects since all the medicines used are natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Unlike allopathic medicines used in western medicines, there are no side effects… Read More »

Arthritis Joint Pain – Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatments That Work

About 80% of the world population is within the clutches of the ailment called arthritis. Arthritis is characterized by joint inflammation. It is a chronic disorder making mobility, day to day activities and life altogether quite difficult. Pain or arthralgia is the ruling symptom of arthritis, and there is not a single arthritis patient who… Read More »

Natural Thyroid Treatments Do Work – Try These Natural Remedies For Thyroid Problems

Easy and Effective Natural Remedies to Improve Thyroid Health Why is your thyroid important to your overall health? Because every organ in your body relies on the two hormones that the thyroid gland, a very small butter-fly shaped organ located near the base of your neck, produces using iodine. If the thyroid isn’t working at… Read More »

Natural Menopause Treatment – 3 Safe Treatments For Hot Flashes!

There are a many great options available these days for natural menopause treatment. Whether you are dealing with symptoms such as sweats and pain or you are looking for some type of treatment for hot flashes, there is likely to be a herbal remedy for you to try. Black Cohosh is an incredibly popular choice… Read More »

Want to Eliminate Arthritis Pain? These Top 7 Psoriatic Arthritis Treatments Do Just That

The sole purpose for psoriatic arthritis treatments is to control the inflammation of arthritis in your joints and to control the skin lesions of psoriasis found on various aspects of the body. Most natural psoriatic arthritis treatments target either the arthritis or the psoriasis. We haven’t found one product that can do both effectively. If… Read More »