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Coma and Semi-Coma – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Coma refers to a state of unarousable psychological unresponsiveness in which the subject lies with eyes closed and shows no response to external stimuli or inner need. Involuntary functions like heart-beat and respiration continue, though they may be irregular due to some concurring or causative disease. Deep coma refers to a state where corneal, pupillary,… Read More »

5 Reasons You May Need Chiropractic Treatment

One of the most sought-after forms of alternate healing is chiropractic treatment, and many people visit chiropractors every day for various reasons. These can range from relieving headaches and lower back injuries to improving mood and sleep patterns. The idea behind chiropractic treatment is not only to ease the pain, but also to improve the… Read More »

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Gastritis and Gastric Ulcer

Gastritis is a functional abnormality of the stomach characterized by various symptoms, with pain, or heartburn, indigestion and heartburn, the most common. Gastritis may be acute or chronic. In the first case they are older and manifest themselves through phases in which the symptoms are more pronounced and, in acute, occur due to causes more… Read More »

Pancreatic Diseases – What is New in Treatment?

While U.S. doctors tend to prescribe drugs as a front-line defense against medical issues, their European counterparts are more likely to suggest non-pharmacological treatments for their patients. In Germany herbal medicine is popular, and in France lots of people routinely use homeopathy as preventative medicine. Europeans also have a long tradition of drinking healing mineral… Read More »

Erythrasma Diagnosis and Treatment

Erythrasma is a chronic superficial infection of the intertriginous areas of the skin. It is caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium minutissimum. Erythrasma can be confused with other causes of intertrigo (rash in the skin folds). Erythrasma may also involve the armpits, creases below the breasts, abdominal folds, and perineum, particularly in obese middle-aged women or… Read More »

Histoplasmosis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection prevalent in temperate climates throughout the world. Risk factors for this condition include living in endemic areas with contaminated soil; exposure to a large amount of the fungus; immunocompromised status; and concurrent respiratory diseases. This condition can be acute, chronic, or progressive and disseminated. Common symptoms include fever, headache, chills,… Read More »

SSRI Treatment of Fibromyalgia, The Pros and Cons!

Depression for a fibromyalgia sufferer produces a negative impact on every aspect of life. When severe enough, people are willing to try almost anything to find relief. There are more than 5 million fibromyalgia sufferers in America today. Although most are women, fibromyalgia is an affliction found in both sexes, all ages (including children), and… Read More »

Mono Treatment – Diet

During mono treatment a healthy, immune-boosting diet is essential for a good recovery. In the initial, acute stage of mononucleosis, appetite is often poor. Symptoms like nausea, a swollen throat, fever and fatigue make eating difficult. In these cases mono treatment should focus on a liquid-only diet. A liquid-only diet allows the gastrointestinal tract to… Read More »