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Drinking Lipton Peach Flavored Tea For Acid Reflux Cure

There are many home-remedies for acid reflux disease or GERD. Perhaps one of the most widespread fast-action cures is to drink Lipton peach flavored tea as a cure for acid reflux. Having heard of this particular “cure” from a number of sources, I thought it might make sense to analyze it so that you know… Read More »

The Key Components and Benefits of Kombucha Tea

Kombucha is one of the most healthy, invigorating, and purifying beverages you can ingest. The drink contains a beneficial variety of compounds that synergistically interact to exert powerful healing and detoxification effects on the body. When the human body has enough of the proper nutrients and bacteria, it operates far more efficiently, leading to a… Read More »

The Kombucha Tea – Millenary Truth Or Many Years Old Fantasy

This ancient beverage has been invoked as a wonderful cure by many individuals and a poison or fancy stories by others, this without grey arguments. The profuse information that can be found at the Web, teaches about the culture preparation, explores its origins, mentions some technical data but, on the contrary, does not appear a… Read More »