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Sweaty Palms – Introduction, Symptoms and Treatment

Sweaty Palms is a common problem. Let us know about sweaty palms introduction, symptoms and treatment. Definition of Sweaty Palms The condition of sweaty palms is medically known as Palmer Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is profuse perspiration of the body and Palmer Hyperhidrosis reiterates the condition where there is excessive sweating in palms. However, there the term… Read More »

Zoft Balance Gum – Natural and Fast Relief of Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause is the permanent end of menstruation and fertility, defined as occurring 12 months after your last menstrual period. Menopause is not a medical illness, but a natural biological process which has emotional and physical symptoms that can be extremely disruptive to one’s life. Even though menopause is not a disease, one should still seek… Read More »

Infectious Mono Symptoms – Headaches and Migraines

The Epstein Barr virus can infect the nerves of the body to cause infectious mono symptoms like headaches and migraines. The virus also infects the liver which in turn can trigger headaches in susceptible people. Conventional pain killers may bring temporary relief to these symptoms however they do not address the cause of the headache… Read More »

Symptoms of Uric Acid – Causes and Treatment Options

The symptoms of uric acid often appear as a gout attack; normally caused by high levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. Here, you’ll discover what causes these high levels, and, what treatment options you have available to help defeat your gout. Uric acid occurs naturally in our bodies, acting as an antioxidant and helping… Read More »

Symptoms, Treatments, Remedy – Sleep Apnea, Allergic Rhinitis and Sinus

Postnasal drip and nasal congestion are common symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis. Both the Allergic Rhinitis and Sinus symptoms are being magnified when lay down to sleep result in more serious postnasal drip, nasal congestion and running nose. It is widely believed that Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis cause the number of Sleep Apnea. What… Read More »