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Hot Flashes and Night Sweats – How to Use Vitamins and Herbs to Reduce Both

Hot flashes vary in intensity for different women but they remain among the most talked about symptoms of menopause; mostly because they are so uncomfortable. About 80% of the women in America experience flashes (also known as hot flushes that move through the body in a wave) and night sweats (which means in addition to… Read More »

Tea And Food Recipes For Controlling Night Sweats In Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine there are some specific tea and food recipes so that you can keep night sweats which are symptoms of hot flashes to be under control. Thus in traditional Chinese medicine, it is advised that women having problems of hot flashes and night sweats should refrain from having hot and spicy foods. They… Read More »

Night Sweats During Perimenopause and Bio-Identical Progesterone A Natural Relief

Night sweats are the nocturnal cousins ​​of a woman's hot flashes. Although they may be disruptive and uncomfortable, they do not normally signal under conditions. This article is for women who are going through perimenopause and experiencing nighttime sweats. A woman may have a few questions about menopause and symptoms. During menopause a woman may… Read More »

Menopause Sweats and Hot Flashes – The Important Things to Know and How to Get Relief

Menopause sweats and hot flashes are one of the first signs that you are approaching menopause. You know you are beginning to approach menopause when you begin to experience several key symptoms. These symptoms are your best evidence that you are beginning the transition out of your reproductive years and that you have entered perimenopause.… Read More »

A Flash in the Dark – Causes and Solutions For Night Sweats

Getting hot n’ sweaty in the sheets is not always a good thing. In a recent study of 2267 patients visiting Primary Care Physicians, 41% of the patients reported experiencing night time sweats throughout the previous month. Unlike the occasional sweating or a flushed face, night sweats are characterized as severe hot flashes occurring at… Read More »

Relief From Night Sweats and Hot Flashes Caused by Menopause

The change in life otherwise known as menopause has many symptoms that women experience. Two of these symptoms, night sweats and hot flashes, relate to the body’s ability to regulate heat. The imbalance in the hormone estrogen is what causes the uncomfortable symptoms. Naturally, there are some things you can do to relieve these unpleasant… Read More »

Menopause – You Deserve To Get Relief from Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

It seems like the late 30’s or early 40’s should be when women can have the time of her lives. The kids are probably gone, or at least a little grown up, and the career choices have been made. Unfortunately, your hormones will soon begin changing and you may soon start gong into menopause. While… Read More »