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Use Natural Remedies to Stop Blushing

Blushing causes low self-esteem in people who blush excessively. It is evident that blushers feel stressed and depressed about certain situations. Normally, the blusher gets blushed when addressed directly. It is quite difficult for a blusher to deal with troublesome situations. A blusher may find it difficult to communicate and hence fails to convey his… Read More »

These 5 Steps Helped Me Stop Feeling Like A Helpless Victim Of Asthma

I was diagnosed with asthma at age nine. I never thought that I could do something about it except go to the doctor and refill my preventative inhaler and my rescue inhaler. I truly believed this was the normal routine for a person with asthma until I stopped getting relief from my inhalers. Around Thanksgiving… Read More »

Herbs For Hair Growth – Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Many people are looking into using herbs for hair growth as they seek natural remedies to treat hair loss. These treatments help the body’s self healing functions to work towards reversing the cause of an ailment rather than just masking the symptoms. Some herbs have been very effective in helping people stimulate their strands to… Read More »

I Can Save My Marriage Now If I Stop The Learned Helplessness of Depression

Many people today, especially women, suffer from some form of depression. There are many medications on the market to treat depression but they have very mixed results and usually come with very bad side effects. There are some natural herbs that work well for depression and hypnosis and EFT work well as therapy options. Some… Read More »