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The Power Of Oils, Incense & Perfumes And Their Deep Healing Effects on the Mind, Body And Spirit

Aroma-therapy is based on the notion that the inhalation and use of natural scents have powerful natural effects in facilitating healing processes for the mind and the body. Healing with scents has become increasingly popular and its benefits have shown impressive results when assisting in the support of chronic ailments including allergies and long-term pain… Read More »

Plant Spirit Shamanism – Planta Maestras – The Shaman’s Teachers – Part 2

MOCURA/MUCURA: PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL STRENGTH One of the qualities of this plant is its ability to boost one’s psychological and emotional strength. For this reason it is regarded as a ‘great balancer’, restoring connection and equilibrium between our rational mind and feelings. For example, it is good at countering shyness and can enhance one’s sense… Read More »

Sigrdrifumal – Ancient Spirit Quest and Guide to the Odinic Mysteries

In the basic plot of the old Germanic heroic poem Sigrdrifumal, a richness of information regarding the details of the quest of the spirit to transcend the limitations of the conditioned mind can be found. Here we have a small portion of the saga of the Volsungs isolated into its own book for a reason… Read More »

Medicine for the Soul – Plant Spirit Shamanism of the Amazonian Rainforest

‘Whether the plant is to heal the body or the spirit or whether it is part of an apprenticeship, what makes it work is your good intention towards the plant. They are beings, which have their own forms or they can be like human beings with faces and bodies. When the spirit accepts the person,… Read More »

Plant Spirit Shamanism – Planta Maestras – The Shaman's Teachers – Part 1

Planta maestras (plant masters or plant teachers) are key among the shaman's tutelary spirits, his chief allies and guides to the worlds of health and healing. In ordinary reality, they are also considered the jungle's most skilled and important 'doctors' because of their usefulness and relevance to the healing concerns of most patients. Through knowing… Read More »

Plant Spirit Shamanism

Since the beginning of human experience, plants have played a role in the evolution of our species, not only in the provision of food and medicine but in our deepest spiritual experience and the development of consciousness. Their form, beauty, enchanting scents, their healing and emotional qualities, have all provided a gateway to the Great… Read More »

Plant Spirit Shamanism – Hoodoo Plant Magic

The hoodoo tradition of the American South is another that works with plant energy while often not requiring a patient to ‘take’ a medicine to experience healing. The word ‘hoodoo’ has African origins, and is used to describe various forms of magic, folk healing, and ‘hexing’, using roots and herbs. Nowadays, the hoodoo practitioner is… Read More »