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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: The Best Spices to Use in Baking

All-natural baking spices are a better choice to use in making scrumptious desserts compared to commercial sweeteners. Aside from the unique flavor they add to sweet treats, they also benefit the body with the essential vitamins and minerals they contain. So if you love to bake, here are the most commonly used natural spices in… Read More »

3 Fuss-Free Slow Cooker Recipes Using Herbs and Spices

A slow-cooker is inexpensive, economical and is a great tool to use to transform budget ingredients into a 5-star style dish. It’s time that you make the most out of your weekends by enjoying flavorful home-cooked meals using your crock-pot. Here are 3 recipes that use healthy herbs and spices that you can try: Herb-Crusted… Read More »

4 Spices That Make Natural Body Detox Effective

Since birth, the body and its systems have been going through an endless cycle called living. 'Living a life' for most people often involves: working hard, eating lots of processed and fast foods, drinking caffeine and alcohol excessively, inhaling cigarette smoke and traffic fumes, and sleeping less hours every day. Now, if you called that… Read More »

Cooking With Herbs and Spices: Quick and Easy Low-Calorie Snack Recipes

Eating low-calorie snacks will not only nourish and strengthen your body, but will also help you maintain a healthy weight. Here are 3 must-try herbs and spices snack recipes with only 400 calories or less: Peppered Turkey Wraps What you need: 12 10-inch whole wheat flour tortillas 1/4 kg. deli turkey, sliced 1 head lettuce… Read More »

3 Low-Calorie Herbs and Spices Snacks for a Healthier and Slimmer Body

More and more people are starting to eat healthy – not just to lose weight but also to maintain a stronger body. If you’re new to this lifestyle, it’s easy to get bored with portioned meat, steamed vegetables and low-fat everything. Jazz up your healthy dishes with the kick of natural spices and the delicious… Read More »