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Hoodia Herbal Pills With Promising Weight Loss Solution

How to go slimmer with herbal weight loss program? Herbal is a description of a plant and its molecules, being used for medical purposes. The government is also granting programs or supplements under medical supervision. Hence, these herbal pills are used in abundance throughout the world. Hoodia is one of such plants, which is found… Read More »

A Simple Hair Loss Solution: Chasteberry (Agnus-Castus) – Will It Work for You?

Agnus Castus, a ‘gentle’ herb,has long been effectively used as a hormonal regulator, against acne, for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), hormone-based infertility, menstrual disorders and even menopausal and pre-menopausal problems. In brief, Vitex has been known to effectively work against a large number of hormone-based imbalances and health problems. Although I could write about how… Read More »

Safe Arthritis and Muscle Pain Relief Solution Pain Gels With Arnica and Menthol

A Peruvian born Oklahoma City physician specializing in internal medicine and rheumatology has created a pain relief gel formula of all-natural ingredients that can give relief to joint pain, muscle discomfort and improve mobility. The doctor states that when looking for an alternative to oral pain medication precaution should be used. Oral medication be it… Read More »

Symptoms of Cushing’s in Dogs: An Herbal Solution

Case notes: An 11 lb., 12 year old Chihuahua has all the symptoms of Cushing’s. Ultrasound showed an enlarged liver. She also has a heart murmur. Voracious appetite, increased urination with accidents, thirst, lethargy, coughing. She does not have skin rashes, sores or bad coat. Vet suspected Cushing’s and said it was going to cost… Read More »

Herbal Treatment for Tinnitus: A Safe and Effective Solution for Your Auditory System

Among the many auditory afflictions that exist, Tinnitus is not considered to be a very serious problem, but it can cause frustration due of its persistent symptoms. To reduce the incidence of buzzing or ringing sounds, tinnitus sufferers hope to find effective remedies. At present, herbal remedies have become the choice for many people to… Read More »