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How To Prevent And Reverse Osteoporosis And Tooth Decay

Osteoporosis and tooth decay are an ever increasing and costly problem in western industrialized nations. Both of these conditions have a similar root cause that lies with the modern processed food diet and over consumption of refined sugars. Refined sugars are especially dangerous since they greatly increase acidity of the blood leading to the leeching… Read More »

How to Reverse Infertility With All Natural Uterine Fibroid Treatment That Shrinks Fibroids

If your or someone you know is struggling to get pregnant, reverse infertility with uterine fibroids treatment – then you need to start here. You see I thought I was infertile before getting pregnant twice in my 40s and contrary to all doctor’s advice and opinions. After years of trying with my partner, after visiting… Read More »

Discover How to Stimulate Pituitary Gland Naturally – Reverse Aging and Regain Your Youthful Vigor

Aging can be described as biological changes that occur in all humans with the passage of time and the effects vary from one from one to the other. Aging is usually associated with general decline in health as most of the body organs perform less efficiently. You can reverse aging by improving the quality of… Read More »

How to Cure Diabetes – Why Natural Health Can Reverse and Cure Diabetes

You want to know how to cure diabetes. Millions of people want to know the answer to this question but only thousands of search out the answer. And I commend you for taking time to learn how to cure diabetes naturally. Unfortunately, researchers still have not let the public know that diabetes is curable. However,… Read More »

How to Reverse Cirrhosis – Cure Your Liver Cirrhosis Naturally

When the liver cells start hardening and get scarred, because of a degenerative inflammatory disease mainly caused by excessive alcohol consumption, it is called cirrhosis of the liver. Some of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis are jaundice, red palms, vomiting, enlarged liver, weight loss, poor appetite, weakness, fatigue, upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation. Well, it… Read More »

Kidney failure reversed by accident – Not baking soda or vegetable diet – How to

Increased my kidney function damage 11 points in 9 days – Amazing results of how I accidentally improved my kidney function dramatically in 9 days, because of what I did to try to help another ailment. Also how well baking soda and the raw vegetable diet worked for me, and how I have been able… Read More »

Information On How Alternative Medicine Doctors Reverse Kidney Failure

There is no doubt that kidney failure is among the worst degenerative ailments on earth. Those who have sick kidneys suffer constant pain and discomfort. Their lives are no longer enjoyable or normal. Some undergo dialysis every week while others get multiple transplants. There also patients who die too soon. If you are a victim… Read More »

How to Reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally

Almost all of us suffer from estrogen dominance on some level. While perimenopausal women are most at risk, men and children are not immune. Constant exposure to xenohormone chemicals disrupts our delicate hormone balance. The result is high estrogen levels and depleted progesterone. While conventional medicine offers drugs to regulate hormones, many women seek options… Read More »