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3 Natural Acid Reflux Remedies That Really Work!

In June 2016, it will have been two full years of no acid reflux symptoms while not taking ANY acid blockers even though I am eating all the chocolate, red sauce, spicy foods, etc. that I want at 50! What is my secret? Three natural remedies (one before meals, one during meals and one at… Read More »

Heartburn Herbal Remedy – Common Herbs For Acid Reflux Home Remedies

Approximately one in three Americans suffer from the occasional indigestion, or heartburn, upset stomach, bloating, gas, and slow digestion. While antacids can provide temporary symptom relief, constant use can be detrimental, since they can interfere with the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other medications used for aiding these symptoms. One heartburn herbal remedy is licorice… Read More »

Four Natural Home Remedies for a Sore Throat

A sore throat is characterized by irritation, a scratchy voice, or pain that usually worsens whenever you swallow. It is usually the initial indication of pharyngitis or the inflammation of the throat; however, the terms “pharyngitis” and “sore throat” are normally interchangeable. A viral infection is considered as the most common cause of throat pain.… Read More »

Do Natural Hot Flashes Remedies Really Work?

Hot flashes and night sweats are bothersome to debilitating, and can dominate a woman’s life throughout perimenopause and postmenopause. They are one of the most common menopause related complaints, affecting 80-85% of American women who transition through menopause. An easy solution in the past has been hormone replacement therapy, which very effectively reduces hot flashes… Read More »

Holistic Remedies to Treat Depression and Anxiety

One of the consequences to a fast-paced lifestyle is that it ever takes its toll on our mental and emotional well-being. Depression, anxiety and panic attacks reasonably stems from the periodic encounter of stress. In response, pharmaceuticals have developed cutting edge medications designed to manage depressive symptoms effectively. But then the bitter pill to swallow… Read More »

How to prevent side effects of Chemotherapy with home remedies II

MUST WATCH VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N96rUJCTils RELEASING 25-12-16 “COVER VERSION-AAJ JAANE KI ZIDD NA KARO – PROMO – ft – JYOTIKA SHARMA” HOW TO PREVENT SIDE EFFECTS OF CHEMOTHERAPY WITH HOME REMEDIES II घरेलु उपयो के द्वारा करे उपचार कीमोथेरपी के साइड इफेक्ट्स का II Dealing with the side effects of Chemotherapy is huge distraction from… Read More »