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Cholinergic Urticaria – How To Manage And Get Relief

It’s called exercise-induced hives many times, because one of the triggers is physical activity, categorizing cholinergic urticaria in the bracket of physical hives. Running, walking, lifting, exercising; almost any form of physical activity that can increase body temperature can trigger an outbreak. Different activities can change your body by different amounts of degrees, and depending… Read More »

Permanent Cure For Reflux – Totally Natural, Drug Free Treatment For Permanent Heartburn Relief

Heartburn sufferers may be bemused by the title of this article as most will believe that there is no cure for heartburn. So if you are a sufferer, then you are about to learn that not only is a permanent cure for reflux possible, but it is totally natural and drug free. So, lose all… Read More »

Why Swiss Medica's O24 Works for Pain Relief

Noted Herbalist Discusses the Active Mechanisms of Swiss Medica's (OTC BB: SWME) O24 (TM) According to Mike Vertolli, who is recognized as one of Canada's foremost herbalists, "Although it is still in its infancy, research of herbal products and essential oils has increased significantly in the last ten years. " Vertolli was a member of… Read More »

Bioidentical Hormones For The Relief Of Perimenopause Symptoms

Perimenopause is the transitional period between regular menstruation cycles and the ceasing of the menstrual cycle. Typically this happens to a woman in her mid to late forties, but it can also happen when she is younger than that or sometimes even older. Perimenopause means that the ovaries produce less progesterone, resulting in a dominance… Read More »

Healthy Back Institute’s Back Pain Relief Products Review

Individuals would go through anything to relieve lower back pain, including testing out the newest devices and pain relief products, like heating gels and other new liniments and support pillows, which are demonstrated on infomercials. The success of various products in minimizing the pain is provided through convincing stories of many folks. “Satisfied” consumers also… Read More »

Extraordinary Products For Back Pain Relief – Effective Tips For You

Back pain is usually caused by wrong posture, obesity, bad eating habits, and deficiency of vitamin D and by leading a hectic lifestyle. People, who suffer from even moderate back ache condition, must never ignore this problem because if immediate steps are not taken this condition can worsen. For the prevention of back ache it… Read More »