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Drinking Lipton Peach Flavored Tea For Acid Reflux Cure

There are many home-remedies for acid reflux disease or GERD. Perhaps one of the most widespread fast-action cures is to drink Lipton peach flavored tea as a cure for acid reflux. Having heard of this particular “cure” from a number of sources, I thought it might make sense to analyze it so that you know… Read More »

What Most Parents Don’t Know About Probiotics and Acid Reflux Babies

Whenever babies spit up and regurgitate, the medical professionals identify this condition as acid reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Parents find that feeding babies who are suffering from GERD is very challenging. This disease also affects their growth. In addition, they suffer from chronic lung disease, wheezing and coughing. For young babies, death is… Read More »

Acid Reflux Nausea – Makes the Unbearable Even More Unbearable

Suffering from acid reflux or heartburn is already unbearable. What more if they are combined and literally call them acid reflux nausea or heartburn nausea? It would be excruciating. As the name implies, acid reflux nausea or heartburn nausea is one that incorporates nausea with an already painful heartburn. Heartburn nausea is the uncomfortable feeling… Read More »

Distilled Water For Acid Reflux – A Deliberate Issue Of Discussion

Besides a contentious topic of discussion, Distilled Water for Acid Reflux is on one of the prescribed approach of reducing the acids out of the body, which may arise due to the acid reflux. Rather it an effective and efficient tool of decreasing the poison of acid reflux in very short time. The acid reflux… Read More »

Permanent Cure For Reflux – Totally Natural, Drug Free Treatment For Permanent Heartburn Relief

Heartburn sufferers may be bemused by the title of this article as most will believe that there is no cure for heartburn. So if you are a sufferer, then you are about to learn that not only is a permanent cure for reflux possible, but it is totally natural and drug free. So, lose all… Read More »

Natural Solutions to Acid Reflux – Alternatives to Omeprazole and Prilosec

Looking for alternatives to taking over the counter acid reflux medications? There are plenty of options. I recommend healing your stomach first and then using Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with the juice of a lemon slice in a glass of water to stimulate stomach acid. Sip before meals. Here are some suggestions to heal acid… Read More »

Pure Manuka Honey for People Suffering From Acid Reflux

Acid reflux develops in the body when there is a malfunction of esophageal muscles. When this malfunction happens, acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus. The continued reflux of stomach liquids into the esophagus will result into the wearing out of the esophagus lining and may at time result to cancers. Pure Manuka… Read More »

Are Painkillers Making Your Acid Reflux Worse?

Regardless if you suffer from occasional acid reflux, GERD or Barrett’s Oesophagus, did you know that taking certain common painkillers can actually cause or make acid reflux worse? Acid reflux that results from medication, whether it is over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription drugs, is often called acid drug reflux. The frequent and prolonged use of certain… Read More »