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10 Strategies for Improving Emotional, Mental and Psychological Background of Hyperthyroidism

Body and mind work always work together to create sickness or health. All the people I ever worked with as a psychotherapist were either unhappy, lonely, unsatisfied, in one or another aspect, stressed out or overworked and that was reflecting their health. At one point, they’ll just become physically sick. It’s the body- mind connection,… Read More »

Weight Loss in Children & Teens – Does Concern For Eating Lead to Psychological Problems Latter?

Psychological Problems in Overeating Children and Teens: Weight Gain Leads to Low Self Concept, Social Alienation and More Eating and Dysfunctional Behavior Eating Disorders in Adults Are the Not Caused by Helping Overweight Children Slow Down their Eating “There is no doubt that obesity is an undesirable state of existence for a child. It is… Read More »