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Yoga Poses : Yoga for Sciatica Relief

Certain yoga exercises are beneficial for those seeking relief from Sciatica. Learn about yoga for Sciatica relief with help from a yoga instructor and specialist in this free video clip. Expert: Noa Spector-Flock Bio: Noa Spector-Flock teaches yoga classes throughout Pinellas County, Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Yoga is more than just a way… Read More »

Conventional Medicine Vs Herbs For Infertility When Trying to Get Pregnant

If you are having trouble conceiving, it can be a challenge seeking which fertility treatment is right for you. The most popular infertility remedies today are conventional medicine/procedures and natural herbal remedies or Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Pharmaceuticals are created to treat infertility symptoms from the outside while herbs for infertility are used to treat… Read More »

Getting Pregnant Naturally By Using 8 Miracle Herbs to Boost Fertility Levels

There are several herbal preparations and treatments that can be used for getting pregnant naturally and quickly. These herbs can help to prepare the body to conceive and carry a baby to full term without complications. Some of these herbs are for use in men to boost their sperm count and quality and others are… Read More »

Feeding the Pregnant Mare (The Third Trimester)

A mare’s pregnancy lasts an average of 11 months and during this time it’s essential to provide proper nourishment. Nutritional requirements will vary depending on the mare’s breed, age and overall health but special care and attention to nutrition is crucial in every case. Changing Nutritional Needs During the first part of the pregnancy, following… Read More »

How to Treat an Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy – Methods to Get Rid of Your Cyst, Even While Pregnant

When you have to treat an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, it can be difficult. Traditional treatment methods are not available or are especially dangerous to you. Even pain management is more complicated. So how do you successfully treat an ovarian cyst while you are pregnant? The traditional methods of treating an ovarian cyst are prescribing… Read More »