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A Popular Herb for Better Night Vision – The History and Origins Of Bilberry

An herb that has been popular in improving poor night vision is Bilberry extract. The Bilberry plant is commonly described as a low growing shrub with origins in Northern Europe, North America and Asia. It comes from a family of plants that are related to Blueberries and Cranberries. The Bilberry is available in different forms… Read More »

Bhringaraj – The Popular Herbal Cure For Baldness

In tropical areas and wet temperate climates around the world grows a plant with daisy-like, white, delicate flowers called the eclipta alba. This is an herb that was important in ayurvedic medicine, an ancient practice. It is commonly known as the bhringaraj, or bhringraj. Many women and men are interested in this herb to keep… Read More »

The 10 Most Popular Herbs for Health, and Why They Have This Status

Ceremoniously handed the title most popular herbs for health, these 10 powerful herbs are chosen for their effective therapeutic benefits in treating common ailments affecting a wide cross section of people. The high demand for these herbal treatments also ensures that they are readily available on shelves and online stores. Herbs have been around and… Read More »