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What is Milk Thistle Used For and Should You Take it Alone Or As Part of a Comprehensive Supplement?

What is milk thistle in today’s popular herbal treatment applications? This flowering herbal plant originates in Mediterranean Europe, North Africa and Middle East but is now found worldwide. It has prickly leaves and stems with blotched leaves containing a milky fluid. The flowers of the plant are reddish-purple in color. In some regions it is… Read More »

Ritual Crafting, Part One: The Basics, Conception and Design

The art of ritaul crafting is that of ancients. Practiced since the time of our prehistoric ancients, and now still today in the 21st century. The place of the crafter has always been that of privilege, allowing a special place in simple and complex societies the world over. This path has mainly been passed on… Read More »

Sweet Flag – The Healing Qualities Of The Herb Revealed (Part 2)

The article deals with the healing qualities of sweet flag. It describes simple guidelines on how to use the herb when dealing with various health problems. Essential oil and bitter substances the herb contains have irritant effect on taste buds resulting in the stimulation of appetite. In addition, these substances excite the reflex of the… Read More »

Allergic Eczema – Uncover Effective Herbal Remedies to Say Goodbye to It (Part 2)

Allergy can lead to eczema, in other words, eczema is one of the allergic conditions. In addition, it can be accompanied with asthma. The article deals with herbal remedies to help you with allergic eczema treatment. Mix a teaspoon of granulated fresh hop bolls with a teaspoon of three-lobe beggar ticks. Infuse the mix of… Read More »

Allergy – Uncover Effective Folk Methods to Deal With it (Part 1)

Allergy is one of the most complicated diseases due to its various conditions. However, folk medicine offers several home remedies to reduce or even cure allergic reactions. The first and main thing to do when dealing with allergy involves strengthening of your organism. You can increase your antiallergic immunity by doing some physical activities (such… Read More »

Aromatherapy – Get to Know The Lamiaceae Family – Part 1

Welcome to the first of a three-part series on the Lamiaceae plant family relevant to aromatherapy. The Lamiaceae plant family is also known as the Labiatae plant family. It is the largest of all the plant families and includes many of the well-known herbs. The plants are known for their strong aromas, and in aromatherapy… Read More »

The Benefits of Herbal Remedies to Treat Winter Illnesses (Part 1)

When searching for ways to treat winter illnesses, think of the benefits of herbal remedies to help. Doesn’t it seem that every one gets colds and flu viruses in the winter months? There are herbs you can use to help you stay healthy through the cold and flu season. Herbal remedies can add great benefits… Read More »

Plant Spirit Shamanism – Planta Maestras – The Shaman's Teachers – Part 1

Planta maestras (plant masters or plant teachers) are key among the shaman's tutelary spirits, his chief allies and guides to the worlds of health and healing. In ordinary reality, they are also considered the jungle's most skilled and important 'doctors' because of their usefulness and relevance to the healing concerns of most patients. Through knowing… Read More »