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Essential Oils – Valerian – The Tranquilizing Oil for Insomnia

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) in the valerian family of botanical plants. This herb has been highly esteemed since medieval times and used to be call “all heal.” The fragrance is rather unpleasant for most people but when mixed with other more pleasant-smelling oils it can be tolerated. It is best used in very small amounts–too much… Read More »

Anti Aging Secrets: The Great Benefits of Jojoba Oil For the Skin

Let's face it, we need to be more careful when choosing the cosmetics we apply to our skin. One thing you should strictly consider doing is making the switch to natural skin care products. I'm talking about creams and lotions that are made strictly with organic and all-natural ingredients. This article discusses the great benefits… Read More »

Babchi Oil and Seeds – Fact, Figures and Remedies

Because of its medicinal value and popularity it is known by many other names around the world as below Latin: Psoralea corylifolia English: Babchi, Purple Fleabane, French: Psoraléa, Arabic: Mehlab-Aswad, Persian: Waghchi, Sanskrit: Vakuchi, Bakuchi, Hindi: Babchi,Chinese: Bu gu zhi,German: Bawchan The plant is commonly found in China and India in dry and arid conditions,… Read More »

Essential Oil Recipes From Scarborough Fair

When the four sophomore cuts in the carpool asked about today's writing assignment, I enthusiastically piped-up, "Essential oil recipes!" The girls did not exactly share my enthusiasm for proper compounding of natural extracts. They prefer when I write about "the top ten cute cars for cute girls," but when "Scarborough Fair" played on my favorite… Read More »

A Taste Unbidden: Oil and Vinegar Low Carb Recipes

"Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. Craig Claiborne Balsamic vinegar is one of the more common gourmet vinegars used in making low carb, oil based dressings – although there is nothing common about balsamic vinegar. The trend towards improved heart health has also led to low carb choices that assist in attaining… Read More »