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British Heart Foundation – High blood pressure and heart disease

https://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/risk-factors/high-blood-pressure Having high blood pressure can put you at greater risk of getting coronary heart disease. Ann shares her story of how she conquered her blood pressure. source

Build Muscle and Recover Quickly With Cissus Quadrangularis

Introduction Often when looking around to try and find a new supplement to build muscle, aid recovery and stimulate muscle growth, people often turn to creatine monohydrate or amino acids such as glutamine, the more ‘well known’ supplements. However there is one supplement which receives less press but is just as effective, Mega Cissus, a… Read More »

Acupuncture, Muscle Numbness and Sciatic Pain – A Case Study

Attorney Holmes was born in Boston to a relatively poor family. He took odd jobs shoveling snow and paving streets as a teenager before joining the army for three years, which helped pay for his college tuition. He started drinking alcohol when he was serving the army. In his early forties, he decided to quit… Read More »

Safe Arthritis and Muscle Pain Relief Solution Pain Gels With Arnica and Menthol

A Peruvian born Oklahoma City physician specializing in internal medicine and rheumatology has created a pain relief gel formula of all-natural ingredients that can give relief to joint pain, muscle discomfort and improve mobility. The doctor states that when looking for an alternative to oral pain medication precaution should be used. Oral medication be it… Read More »

Can A Few Combinations of Herbs Help You Build Strength And Muscle?

There are a lot of products out there in the market that claim to give you these astonishing muscle gains and strength gains. They hide all their chemical ingredients under the term proprietary blend and can almost get away with anything. Did you know the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, so do you… Read More »

Pain Relief For Back Muscles – Relieve Back Pain and Muscle Tension With 4 Ancient Healing Remedies

Are your painful back muscles screaming for relief? Several time-tested healing methods offer relief for painful tension. Some of these remedies have been practiced for thousands of years. They were founded in far Eastern cultures, but they are finally gaining popularity in Western cultures. Which ones will relieve your pain? Acupuncture. Like a physical electrician,… Read More »