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Natural Cures For Multiple Sclerosis

Traditionally – multiple sclerosis (MS) has been (and still is) treated with medicines prescribed by the doctor (the conventional thinker [science shows us these medicines work (?) so I am obliged to recommend them approach]), such as: antibody treatments, steroids, beta interferon, and synthetic myelin proteins, etc. to help contain the number of attacks that… Read More »

Multiple Sclerosis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease in which the nerves of the central nervous system degenerate. This disease is believed to be an auto-immune disorder, resulting from an immune dysfunction of the body. Genetic factors are believed to play a major role in MS. There are different types of MS, including a relapsing- remitting type,… Read More »

Multiple Sclerosis Disease – Why MS Patients Are Living Longer Than the Average Healthy Person

When we hear Multiple Sclerosis disease we often think long term and progressive disability. It can be a dooming and powerless feeling to think you have been cursed some how with a random disease and have no idea of the cause let along any idea of how to prevent or cure it. Somewhere along the… Read More »