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Treat Memory Problems Caused by Alzheimer’s, Stress and Depression With Muira Puana

Quantum Brain Healing uses muira puana along with an increase in therapeutic quantities of vitamin and mineral to treat several major brain diseases. This is a highly active herb with many active chemical components. This herb crosses blood brain barrier and increases circulation in several areas of the brain including the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus,… Read More »

Who Doesn’t Want to Enhance Their Memory – Then Rosemary Essential Oil Is There For You

Memory loss happens to all of us at some time or another and we usually shrug it off thinking it will eventually come to us or how important was it anyway. Let’s face it there are times when you can’t just shrug it off – whether it be work related or family sometimes you really… Read More »

Ginkgo Biloba the “Brain Herb”

Ginkgo Biloba also known as the “Brain Herb” When it comes to ancient plants, almost nothing on our planet is older than the ginkgo biloba tree. This tree is native to China, and is still found primarily there, as it is difficult to produce saplings of the trees, and some ginkgo trees are over 2,500… Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Brain Fog Naturally with Nootropics

To get rid of brain fog with nootropics, order your bottle of Cortigon here – http://goo.gl/3dYtA4 Brain Fog: Common Causes, Signs, Symptoms, and Research-Backed Natural Solutions Symptoms of brain fog: Forgetfulness Lack of focus and confusion Headaches and fatigue Lack of motivation Depression and anxiety Memory loss and “blank moments” Insomnia and trouble sleeping Causes… Read More »

Brahmi (Bacopa) for Memory Alertness, Headaches and Stress

Brahmi is considered as the best memory enhancer. Due to this reason it is best suited for the students as it enhances memory and concentration, increasing their academic performance. The botanical name of brahmi is Bacopa Monniera and is also known as Bacopa. Brahmi consists of nitric oxide that has beneficial effects on blood circulation,… Read More »