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Chinese Medicine and Its Effect on Fertility Treatments – What it Means to You

Chinese medicine and fertility have only in recent years been seen in western countries to have anything to do with each other. The breakthrough came in 2002, when a report from a group of Chinese and German scientists revealed that patients who had acupuncture treatment to complement their IVF treatment increased their success rate by… Read More »

"No Approved Therapeutic Claims" In Herbal Supplements – What It Means

Herbal and dietary supplements represent a growing billion-dollar business in the U.S.,and worldwide. The herbal phenomenon is part of a larger “alternative medicine” movement, which seeks to utilize both traditional and New Age methods of disease prevention and treatment. There is no doubt that the active ingredients in some herbal mixtures show great promise in… Read More »

Organic Means to Treat Anxiety Depression

Anxiety depression has wide selections of treatments. These include doctor-prescribed anti-depressants, wide range of therapies, and other medical procedures. Anti-depressants and some medical procedures have been known to cause some serious side effects to patients which sometimes can be life threatening and causes serious damage to the body. Because many people suffer anxiety depression, most… Read More »

Bigger Breasts Means Bigger Confidence and Bigger Attractiveness

So you want bigger breasts? That is definitely not a totally isolated case! In fact, breast enlargement industry is one of the ballooning industries in the contemporary world. Why? There are lots of women who know and have proven that bigger bust sizes mean better morale and self-image. You are undoubtedly more physically attractive and… Read More »