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Cooking Weight Loss – Homemade Meals and Cooking For Fat Loss

With so many processed and refined foods in our supermarkets it’s so important to learn how to cook simple healthy meals to help you achieve your weight management goals. Cooking for weight loss means you can design your meals specifically to your goals that mean controlling the exact portions of protein, carbohydrates and fats you… Read More »

Drinking Water During Meals to Help Your Acid Reflux, Burning and GERD? Don’t!

Did you know that the heartburn is actually caused by TOO LITTLE stomach acid, rather than too much acid as we’re always told? This lack of stomach acid prevents full digestion, particularly of undigested carbohydrates which is a great contributor to your burning heartburn and gas. If that’s true, then why do people insist that… Read More »

Lethal Meals – Postprandial Dysmetabolism and Your Heart

The primary cause of postprandial dysmetabolism is the occurrence of elevated levels of glucose and fats in the bloodstream following the consumption of an unhealthy meal. The excessive quantities of glucose and lipids that pour into the blood following a high fat, high sugar meal causes a massive release of damaging free radicals and a… Read More »