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Candle Magic 101

Candle magic is one of the earliest and simplest forms of magic around. It has been around for centuries and can be traced on ceremonies and rituals as far back as the Palaeolithic era. Interestingly, most of us have preformed candle magic without really consciously thinking about it. From the time you’ve blown out a… Read More »

Stop Tinnitus: Remedies That Work Like Magic to Cope With Ringing in the Ears

If you have tinnitus you are probably actively looking for the natural ways to stop tinnitus. Although it is not a life threatening condition but it can make you feel as if you are going crazy. With tinnitus, you may get all sorts of different sounds within your ears, including frequent ringing, hissing, chirping, clicking… Read More »

Mugwort – The Witches Herb

Hi everyone! Today I finally got my herb video out, sorry I was slacking lol I find Mugwort so incredible, and you truly have to experience it’s power for yourself DO NOT USE MUGWORT IF YOU’RE PREGNANT! Please be safe with the herbs you handle, my witchies Please comment below an herb suggestion for the… Read More »


Cinnamon carries a high vibration has so many uses for attracting love, money, protection and more! It also has a ton of healing benefits for your body. In this video, I talk about how to use cinnamon to attract money, how to use cinnamon to attract love, how to manifest faster, and so much more!… Read More »

Money Drawing Oil

One of my recipes for making money drawing oil. Like I mentioned, you can customize these in anyway you feel fits: with crystals, money, coins, essential oil, etc. I use these herbs in many money oils and money spell candles I create, it is just what feels right to me. Thank you for watching. Blessings… Read More »

Magic Symbols – How to Create Your Own Powerful Magical Symbols

When practicing magic there are many different elements involved. A sacred space or hallowed place to perform the magic is sometimes important. The tools that are necessary such as wands, crystals, stones, or a mirror for scrying. Some magical workings require herbs or other plant materials such resins. There is usually an incantation of sorts… Read More »