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Using Acupuncture to Increase Blood Oxygen Levels by Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Muscles

A patient I will call Cindy grew up in Boston and came to my clinic for acupuncture treatments due to breathing difficulties and low blood oxygen levels. She had been an incredibly active and restless lady throughout her life, unable to sit still and constantly moving around energetically. As a teacher in Boston, she loves… Read More »

Acai Berry – The Connection Between Weightloss and Lowering Cholesterol Levels

The Acai berry grows in the plains of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and has fruits the size of a blueberry. Since the Acai berry fruit is perishable no western research was possible before the previous decade. But since this research was featured in many TV shows and news including The Oprah Winfrey Show the… Read More »

Is Astragalus, the Next Anti-Diabetes Herb to Help With Weight Loss and Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

Although more people are at risk for Type 2 diabetes than ever before, the disease is not inevitable. No matter what your current risk profile may be, you can stabilize your blood sugar and keep it at a healthy level, using a combination of: natural remedies such as medicinal herbs dietary strategies, and lifestyle changes… Read More »

How to Lower Triglycerides – Cut Down Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Planning to lose weight? Dealing with high blood pressure levels? Did you get your cholesterol levels checked? If not, then do it now. Just make sure to check your triglycerides levels as they can really impact your body to a great extent. Triglycerides are probably one of the reasons why you are overweight keeping other… Read More »

High Triglycerides Levels – Causes and Natural Treatment

When we eat, our body converts excess calories into High Triglycerides Levels. If you regularly consume more calories than you burn, then you may end up with high triglycerides as part of the metabolic system. High triglyceride, High blood pressure, high blood sugar and too much fat around the waist are factors that can increase… Read More »

Top 5 Herbs That Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally!

After testing hundreds of herbs and supplements over the last 10 years, I’ve discovered 5 that are the most effective at boosting testosterone levels. Use all 5, and cycle them regularly so you don’t build up a tolerance, and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your testosterone levels for good. Tongkat Ali Tongkat… Read More »

Getting Pregnant Naturally By Using 8 Miracle Herbs to Boost Fertility Levels

There are several herbal preparations and treatments that can be used for getting pregnant naturally and quickly. These herbs can help to prepare the body to conceive and carry a baby to full term without complications. Some of these herbs are for use in men to boost their sperm count and quality and others are… Read More »