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Olive Leaf Extract in High Quality Supplements With an Enteric Coating

If you are thinking about buying olive leaf extract, you may have seen the recent report about reducing cholesterol and blood pressure naturally. Many people have relied on the leaves for years. They have been used as medicine since pre-biblical times. Modern research has shown that compounds in the leaves have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-fungal… Read More »

The Many Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (Rubus Idaeus)

There are so many benefits of red raspberry leaf tea. To start, red raspberry leaf tea reduces menstrual bleeding, relaxes uterine and intestinal spasms, and strengthens uterine walls. It also promotes healthy nails, bones, teeth, and skin.  It is good for diarrhea and for female disorders such as morning sickness, hot flashses, and menstrual cramps.  Combined with… Read More »

Chinese Slimming Tea: Leaf Teas Versus Herbal Tisanes

Drinking "Chinese slimming tea" for weight loss purposes has become extremely popular among dieters. The major question from tea lovers is actually whether you should go for leaf teas or herbal tisanes. What is Chinese slimming tea? Most people believe that slimming tea reflects to any type of infused liquor that can trim the body… Read More »

Scientifically Tested Olive Leaf Herb Is Known To Kill Every Virus And Germ Known To Man

What is the worst case scenario for the bird flu or just how bad could it get? A question I have always wanted the answer to. Well history is always the best teacher and we have an excellent historical teacher from 1918. The answer there is the bird flu of 1918, and that teacher is… Read More »

Essential Oil From Curry Leaf As an Ingredient in Insect Repellents

We use insect repellents to get rid of mosquitoes, cockroaches and so on. The widely used ingredient in those repellents is DEET (N, N-Diethyl-meta-Toluamide). It was proven to be very efficient in repelling insects. DEET being a synthetic chemical however, has some shortcomings. First and foremost, it is toxic. It may cause encephalopathy in children.… Read More »