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How To Help A Horse With Heaves

http://www.passionatehorsemanship.com/contact/ Heaves is a chronic, non-infectious airway condition that is also known as RAO and is a result of an allergic reaction to inhaled particles. Heaves occur in older horses that are usually 6 or older. The allergens are things like mold and dust and the biggest culprit is from round bales but it can… Read More »

Second Chances: Rehabilitation Of Horses For A Career Change

Believe it or not, most horses enjoy having a job and have a strong work ethic. Even the ancient sway-backed mare in the pasture has the job of providing stability to her herd through her years of experience and companionship. However, things don’t always go the way we plan for our horses. Accidents happen, mismatched… Read More »

Calming Feeds for Performance Horses

Feeding The Hot Or Fizzy Horse We have all heard the terms: “feeling their oats”, “high”, “fizzy”, “hot” and “hyper”. All terms used by horse owners to describe the effect that grain or certain feeds seem to have on the behavior of their horses. Does feeding management or individual feed ingredients really influence the behavior… Read More »

A natural way to cure Equine Cushings / PPID ?

Dr. Gabi Gross, PhD., retired German Equine Veterinarian, nutritionist and founder of a natural, foundational health-restore approach in horses, explains the difference between natural changes of ACTH, a hormone measured for modern Cushings (PPID) diagnostics, and a true brain tumor as in the original definition of Equine Cushings. She states that if ACTH is elevated… Read More »

Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses

Here’s a sneak preview into my first book – Secret Herbal Recipes for Horses. This is a must have book for people who are starting out on their journey into herbs and natural therapies for horses. You can purchase the print version or ebook from Amazon.com – https://amzn.to/2IsDN8D Find me on fb here – https://www.facebook.com/holstichorsetherapies/… Read More »

Petra Doerfling – Herbs for Horses Nutritional supplement or medicine? Part 1

Petra is a medical herbalist and Herbal Horse Care specialist. Her interest arose from the enjoyment she gleaned from managing her own horses’ health with the use of herbs. Find out more at www.herbalhorsecare.com.au Speaking at University of Gatton, Integrative Veterinary Medicine Special Interest Group (UQIVM SIG) 29th August 2015 Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uqivmsig/… Read More »

The Hidden Disease of Performance Horses

Horses, for all their size and power, are delicate, sensitive animals. For sport horses and other equine athletes, the difference between a great performer and a disabled pasture pet can be a very fine line. While physical injuries and ailments like colic are easily recognizable, signs of respiratory disorders can be very subtle, especially in… Read More »

Navicular in Horses

Navicular syndrome in horses is a bit of an unclear issue which has vets disagreeing at times. Unfortunately when horse owners receive this diagnosis they are given little hope for recovery. Luckily Mother Nature has provided us with some wonderful herbs to help ease the symptoms. Navicular in horses may initially present itself as intermittent… Read More »