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Calming Feeds for Performance Horses

Feeding The Hot Or Fizzy Horse We have all heard the terms: “feeling their oats”, “high”, “fizzy”, “hot” and “hyper”. All terms used by horse owners to describe the effect that grain or certain feeds seem to have on the behavior of their horses. Does feeding management or individual feed ingredients really influence the behavior… Read More »

Arthritis in your horse, what to do to relieve?

Help your horse recover from Arthritis with natural remedies from http://www.naturalequineremedies.com/ Buy the mini-zyme here. http://www.happynaturalhorse.com/shop.html You can be with your horse more. supportyourhorsehabit.com Friend me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bracalon source

Horse Health Care – Do You Use Everything But the Kitchen Sink? Whoa There Cowboy

What do you do when your horse is sick? Do you run and grab every homeopathic remedy, feed supplement, drug, new horse feed, and bodywork manual on your shelves? Do you drive your horse straight the vet and hope the bill isn’t going to kill you? Do you call up every horse-loving friend you have… Read More »

A natural way to cure Equine Cushings / PPID ?

Dr. Gabi Gross, PhD., retired German Equine Veterinarian, nutritionist and founder of a natural, foundational health-restore approach in horses, explains the difference between natural changes of ACTH, a hormone measured for modern Cushings (PPID) diagnostics, and a true brain tumor as in the original definition of Equine Cushings. She states that if ACTH is elevated… Read More »

Horse Health Care – Natural Feed Supplements For the Nervous Equine

Does your horse get nervous before a competition, trailering, or learning something new? I have a couple of horses who are strung kind of tight, and I've found that there are a number of natural horse feed supplements that really help calm them down. Not all of these are legal for all competitive events, so… Read More »