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New Developments in Nutraceuticals; "Functional" Herbal Gum, Spotlight on Hoodia Gum for Weight Loss

“Functional chewing gum” is the latest innovation set to revolutionize the nutraceutical industry. This term is applied to any chewing gum product that has a primary purpose other than just freshening breath or tasting good. It is a “delivery system” for active ingredients that where previously available only as traditional supplements. This new improved method… Read More »

Hoodia Herbal Pills With Promising Weight Loss Solution

How to go slimmer with herbal weight loss program? Herbal is a description of a plant and its molecules, being used for medical purposes. The government is also granting programs or supplements under medical supervision. Hence, these herbal pills are used in abundance throughout the world. Hoodia is one of such plants, which is found… Read More »

Hoodia Diet Gum Revolutionary Diet Product Has Health Benefits Beyond Effective Weight Management

Many have heard about Hoodia and it’s unique ability to suppress the appetite and help in the battle of the bulge. Lesser know, “functional gum” is the term applied when referring to a gum product that has a purpose beyond just freshening breath. It is a superior delivery system for an active nutritional or medicinal… Read More »