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Holistic Approach to Healing and Wellness

Alternative medicine is based on the belief that the body and the brain can heal themselves and prevent illness. Alternative medicine focuses on the use of natural means to build up one’s energy and immune system for wellness and prevention. Alternative medicine focuses on improving brain chemistry through natural means. It focuses on getting the… Read More »

Eczema Holistic Treatment – Natural Remedy To Cure Your Skin

Eczema holistic treatment is the best approach in dealing with this skin disorder that causes concern among adults and children alike. Eczema affects any part of the skin with symptoms like redness, itching, blistering, flaking and even bleeding. If eczema is not properly rated it may cause permanent scaring. From a spiritual point eczema is… Read More »

Natural (Holistic) Health Care – Key Purpose

Natural Health Care (Holistic Health Care) has many modalities that were developed and perfected from the beginning of human existence. Nutrition and herbs, that are used to boost your metabolism or enhance your natural ability to ward off diseases, are the mainstay to creating and maintaining good health. Many other modalities such as: Hypnosis, Meditation,… Read More »

Holistic Living With Kerala Ayurveda Medicines

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine of India, originated 5,000 years ago. This old treatment therapy emphasizes on the health of body, mind and soul. It is done through creating a balance of five elements air, fire, earth, water and space in the body through diet, exercise and lifestyle. Meaning Ayurveda is originated from two Sanskrit… Read More »

Honey and Cinnamon Tea – Key Contributor Towards Better Holistic Health

If you are a practitioner of holistic health, or are new to the practice, or just prefer living a healthy lifestyle, then you must make room for cinnamon and honey tea in your routine diet. It is full of health benefits that will slowly start becoming visible to you. Plus, it will be a tasty… Read More »