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Acupuncture, High Cholesterol & High Triglycerides

One of the most prominent health concerns in America today is high cholesterol. Much of the public understands high cholesterol and high triglycerides as being a cardiovascular disorder, or a health concern due to heart and blood vessel troubles. In fact, this is actually a disorder of the body’s ability to properly breakdown and digest,… Read More »

Olive Leaf Extract in High Quality Supplements With an Enteric Coating

If you are thinking about buying olive leaf extract, you may have seen the recent report about reducing cholesterol and blood pressure naturally. Many people have relied on the leaves for years. They have been used as medicine since pre-biblical times. Modern research has shown that compounds in the leaves have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-fungal… Read More »

Treating High Blood Pressure With Acupressure

A very simple acupuncture treatment, which is often self-administered within the comforts of a person’s home, proves to be effective for some the symptoms associated with muscle pain. Besides its applications for the disease, acupuncture points have been put to use as a beauty treatment for tens and thousands of years. Usually, versatile acupuncture is… Read More »

Shoulder Separation: A Common Injury With Uncommonly High Surgical Failures

Shoulder Separation also referred to as AC (acromioclavicular) dislocation or AC separation is a very common injury typically as a result of a direct force on the top of the acromion (shoulder blade) or fall on an outstretched hand. To better understand this injury, we have to take a step back and review the anatomy… Read More »

Hyperkalemia (High Potassium) Treatment

Hyperkalemia is the condition of high potassium level. Hyperkalemia is an abnormally raised level of potassium in the blood. The normal potassium level in the blood is about 3.5-5.0 milliequivalents per liter (mEq/L). Potassium levels from 5.1 mEq/L to 6.0 mEq/L indicate mild hyperkalemia. Potassium levels from 6.1 mEq/L to 7.0 mEq/L are intermediate hyperkalemia,… Read More »

7 Explanations You Must Know About a Natural High Blood Pressure Supplement

Hyperzosin is becoming well-known throughout the natural health community as a very effective supplement for quickly reducing high blood pressure with no side effects. The positive reviews it’s getting from users all over the United States are encouraging additional people to try it. Most people who use Hyperzosin find that it lowers their blood pressure… Read More »