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Dr.sebi Sea Moss /My secret to FAST weight loss!!

Hey guys! thanks for watching me on this new crazy journey. Any questions please leave in the comments. Bitcoin address 15e2Hac7V6AmaHRXnAxgvgLHBLT9S31Y3e Irish Moss Irish sea moss also called sea moss is scientifically know as Chrondus Crispus and is actually a red algae despite being called a moss.  It grows on the rocky coasts of the… Read More »


DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this video is for educational purposes. In this video I listed 10 herbal remedies used for herbs and also look at some suggestions regarding healing. —HERBS MENTIONED—- 1. Elder Flower 2. Burdock (Root /Seed) 3. Red Clover 4. Cat’s Claw 5. Pau d’Arco 6. Chaparral 7. Olive Leaf 8. Oregano… Read More »

How to Prevent and Cure Herpes Sores

Check out how I go about reducing the frequency of herpes outbreaks and treating herpes sores with both drugs and natural remedies. ~ PREVENT ~ – Valacyclovir pill everyday (suppressive therapy) – Grapefruit seed extract capsules, one a day for a month. – Grapefruit seed drops, 2.5ml in a small glass of water everyday for… Read More »