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Sugar – Your Health vs Politics – Always Read the Ingredients Label – Part 2 of 2

Well – read on from Part 1 which covered Sugar, HFCS and Synthetic Sweeteners! When a food label indicates “sugar”, it refers to sucrose, the white, chemically refined cane or beet completely void of any nutrients of the originating plant, a compound that nature could never have invented. It is not only indigestible; the body… Read More »

Home Remedies for Constipation in Adults

We have all experienced constipation at one time or another. Some reasons include stress, travel, and temporary dehydration. Occasional constipation is not a big issue but chronic constipation can literally make you sick and cause many diseases. Most of us understand that regular elimination is important. A bowel movement is one of the key ways… Read More »

6 Tips to Get Rid of Sensitive Teeth Naturally

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Oil Pulling – Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Oral Health And Detoxification

Oil pulling is known as Gandusha or Kavala Graha in the Ayurvedic treatment text. This procedure is believed to be the pulling out of toxins or the Ama and also enhance the immunity and health of oral cavity. Gandusha and Kavala Graha are two primary gargling techniques suggested in Ayurvedic treatments for oral care. In… Read More »