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What is Glomerulonephritis Disease? Get All the Key Facts

This disease, also referred to as glomerular nephritis, damages the glomeruli in the kidneys, preventing the kidneys from effectively filtering waste products and extra fluid from your blood. Glomerulonephritis disease is the most common type of kidney disease to cause end-stage kidney or renal disease in many countries. If glomerulonephritis develops on its own it’s… Read More »

How To Reduce Protein In Urine Naturally || Protein in urine proteinuria treatment || Health Domain

Hello everyone, welcome to our channel (Health Domain). In this video i am going to tell you about How To Reduce Protein In Urine Naturally. Please watch this video till end for better and effective results. After watching this video you will get the answer of the following terms How to reduce protein in urine… Read More »