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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: How It Can Protect You From Disease

Inflammation is a good thing. It is the natural way your body responds to threats such as infections or wounds. We have all seen inflammation at work when we have pain and redness at an injury. We say it looks inflamed, and it literally is, because injury activates the inflammatory response. When is inflammation a… Read More »

“Healing Periodontal Disease Naturally – Part 2”

With so many of you having miraculous healings of your periodontal disease I wanted to share with you some updates. And yes, even some cases of advanced periodontal disease have been healed with this process. Some people have even had their bone loss and receding gums healed… and I am so amazed. And there is… Read More »

Heart Patient Diet Plan – Why Garlic Helps Prevent Heart Disease

For over 3,500 years people have recognized the amazing healing powers of garlic. Writings from ancient Egypt tell of garlic's powerful healing properties with its ability to cure over 22 diseases. The Egyptians recognized that garlic was indispensible in treating those with heart disease, lethargy, and even tumors. Clay representations of garlic have been found… Read More »