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The Most Important Supplement – Multi Vitamin

Multi vitamins are so common these days you wouldn’t even think of them as a supplement. A multi vitamin is defined in the dictionary as “a preparation intended to supplement a human diet with vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements.” The US government categorizes multi vitamin under “food”, because it contains 3 or more vitamins… Read More »

Laser Skin Treatment – What to Consider Before Burning Your Skin With Lasers

Laser skin treatment is a popular strategy, primarily for removing the top layers of skin to remove aging lines and wrinkles. The current economic troubles have caused a decline in the use of this skin therapy, though, due to its cost, which is more than most Americans can comfortably afford. Uses Of Laser Skin Treatment… Read More »

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chinese Herbal Medicine — Online Acupuncture CEU

Preview to “Immunology and Chinese Herbal Medicine”-6 CEUs/PDAs. For more classes by Dr. Matt Van Benschoten, visit http:http://www.elotus.org/bio/matt-van-benschoten-omd-lac Dr. Matt Van Benschoten shows you how to eliminate the toxins and balance the body due to different chemical exposures. Obtain your acupuncture CEUs easily with live webinars and distance learning courses. eLotus brings continuing education into… Read More »