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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: The Best Spices to Use in Baking

All-natural baking spices are a better choice to use in making scrumptious desserts compared to commercial sweeteners. Aside from the unique flavor they add to sweet treats, they also benefit the body with the essential vitamins and minerals they contain. So if you love to bake, here are the most commonly used natural spices in… Read More »

7 Adaptogens That Will Change Your Life

Dr. Israel Brekham MD, pharmacologist and physiologist discovered and coined the term “adaptogens.” While at the Far East Science Center in Vladivostok, USSR, he researched hundreds of various herbs for almost 50 years and unlocked some fascinating secrets of nature that can empower you physically and emotionally. Dr. Brekham believed an adaptogenic herb must have… Read More »

Motion Sickness Treatment | How To Stop Motion Sickness

Motion sickness or travel sickness is feeling sick when you travel by car, boat, plane or train. This weeks video is about the symptoms, causes, remedies and medicines (pills, tablets) to treat motion sickness. Motion sickness (travel sickness) is common, especially in children. It is caused by repeated unusual movements during travelling, which send strong… Read More »