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Feeling Lethargic, Moody, Tired or Fat? It Could Be Your Thyroid!

We all have hormones and if they are not in ‘balance’ you can find yourself experiencing symptoms such as depression, headaches, insomnia, fatigue & weight gain, to list a few. Thyroid Disease is one of the most common hormone disorders, after Insulin Resistance and Diabetes. The majority of individuals with thyroid imbalance have hypothyroidism (under-active… Read More »

Menopause Weight Gain: What Causes it & How to Prevent it

Why do menopause and weight gain go hand in hand? On average women entering menopause gain around 15-20 pounds without changing their diet or exercise routine. Why do women gain weight without making any of these changes? The answer has to do with how menopause impacts the body but especially how it impacts your hormone… Read More »