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Sarcoidosis Cures – 5 Ways to Cure Sarcoid Naturally

Most doctors will you that there is no sarcoidosis cure. The disease can be self-limiting, but it can also be progressive and even fatal. The good news is that natural therapies may have the answer. Sarcoid is a multi-system inflammatory disease that causes clumps of immune cells called “granulomas” to accumulate in different parts of… Read More »

Buy Poke Root or Pokeweed For Lymph Nodes, Eczema and More

Poke Phytolacca Americana Phytolaccaceae (pokeberry family) This powerful medicinal plant has a battery of regional names: pokeweed, scoke, poocan, garget, pigeon berry, pigeon-blood, poke-salat, cancer root, and cancer jalap. Its Latin name, Phytolacca, refers to the family it belongs to: phyto, meaning plant, and lac, meaning a crimson dye; americana speaks for itself, identifying the… Read More »

Lymphadenitis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Lymphadenitis means inflammation in the lymph nodes. This can be generalized or localized. This condition usually points to some infection or inflammation. A common example of this is tonsillitis, where the tonsil glands are swollen and inflamed, usually due to repeated infections involving the throat. Generalized swelling of the lymph glands may point to more… Read More »