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DHT Blockers, An Effective Hair Loss Treatment?

In order to understand a DHT blocker, you must first familiarize yourself with this substance that greatly contributes to facial and body hair growth. DHT is associated with the hormone testosterone, which is found in the prostate gland, adrenal glands, and hair follicles. Overall, DHT is a rather important substance that affects male baldness caused… Read More »

Why Hair Loss Treatments Aren’t Appropriate to Thicken Hair if There’s No Hair Thinning

More results of Hair Regeneration on thinning hair: http://nyhairloss.com/hair-regeneration-photos/ For more about Dr. Prasad’s training and background, please go to: About Us A 20-year-old lady is concerned about the thin, baby hairs growing on the frontal and temporal areas of her scalp. She says she is not experiencing hair loss, but wants to know if… Read More »

Buying Hair Thickening Products Online? Check This Out

You can find some great hair thickening products online. These agents are designed to restore thin lifeless hair. Getting the right hair-thickening product can be as simple as surfing the web. You will want a product that does not weigh the hair down. There really are a few quality thickening serum available today. They come… Read More »