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An Overview of 6 Popular "Superfoods" and Their Scientifically-Proven Effects on Hair and Skin

We all have heard the saying "beauty starts from inside", though it still holds true. There are some other things, which we can do to improve the beauty and look of our skin. Like including superfoods on your diet or using the oils extracted from these superfoods on skin. It goes without saying that superfoods… Read More »

Prefer Ayurvedic Skin Care Products for a Healthy and Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic is considered to be an old practice of medicine that is gaining wide popularity in the present days. Kapha, pitta, and vata are known to be the three primary doshas that form the emotional, mental and physical characteristics of the Ayurvedic form of medicine. There are several Ayurvedic products which are suited to one… Read More »