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Natural Immune Boosting Therapies and Alternatives to the Flu Shot

There's really no need for questionable flu shots when you can protect yourself from a much wider array of bacteria and viruses by supporting your body's natural immune function. I'd like to offer natural alternatives to traditional flu shot therapy that may offer far more protection for you and your family. Simply put, the stronger… Read More »

Pancreatitis Abdominal Pain After Gallbladder Operation

10-15 percent of individuals experience upper abdominal pain after gallbladder removal. This pain can happen either in two weeks or appear a few decades after gallbladder removal surgery. This stomach pain can irradiate to left ribs cage, back, and be accompanied with gas, bloating, nausea, fullness, little appetite, heartburn, diarrhea, etc. LUQ pain can vary… Read More »

Bile Duct Stones – Petersen, Bret T., M.D.

Bret Petersen., M.D., a Gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic discusses Bile Duct Stones. Gallbladder stones are quite common occurring in 20% of women and up to 10% of men in the United States versus Stones in the Bile duct, which are less common, perhaps 1/10th as common and the majority of them come from the Gallbladder… Read More »

Flush Gallbladder Sludge Naturally in Days

If a diagnosis of gallbladder sludge alarms you, it should. Sometimes called biliary sludge, it is composed of calcium salts and cholesterol crystals. Unless you flush it from your system quickly, it can lead to gallstones, or worse, painful pancreatitis and inflammation of the gallbladder. If it isn’t resolved, surgical removal of the gallbladder is… Read More »