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The Power Of Oils, Incense & Perfumes And Their Deep Healing Effects on the Mind, Body And Spirit

Aroma-therapy is based on the notion that the inhalation and use of natural scents have powerful natural effects in facilitating healing processes for the mind and the body. Healing with scents has become increasingly popular and its benefits have shown impressive results when assisting in the support of chronic ailments including allergies and long-term pain… Read More »

Teen Queens of Tragedy: Romeo and Juliet’s Leading Lady, Hamlet’s Ophelia and the Men

It’s not easy being a girl, especially a young girl in love. First, you have to worry about what your parents will think about your new boy. Secondly, you have to figure out how far intimately you want to go with said boy. Then, of course, there’s the whole boyfriend-killed-a-relative-and-has-been-exiled thing. Well, that’s how William… Read More »

Second Chances: Rehabilitation Of Horses For A Career Change

Believe it or not, most horses enjoy having a job and have a strong work ethic. Even the ancient sway-backed mare in the pasture has the job of providing stability to her herd through her years of experience and companionship. However, things don’t always go the way we plan for our horses. Accidents happen, mismatched… Read More »

Happy Time Formula- the NATURAL way to Feel Good and Relax

Feel good herbal formula for relaxing nerves, a non stimulant way for elevating mood. The friendliest collection of feel good herbs known and used worldwide for giving an overall sense of well being. Stimulants like coffee and energy drinks burn out adrenals and of course alcohol, smoking and drugs have negative side effects. Stressed? Here’s… Read More »

Mood Swings: A Panic Attack

Modern biology has given countless magnitudes to the improved and impeccable understanding of human physiology establishing the fact that reproductive physiology is not only multifarious but more byzantine in females. Role of hormones in the physiological processes can’t be discounted as they take charge over a number of processes for instance from premenstrual syndrome (PMS)… Read More »