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Basic Body Detox: Jenelle Jordyn’s Basic Body Detox Review

Detoxification is not easy – actually, if you can just compare it with advanced house cleaning wherein it’s like going through a lot of equipment to clean effectively, that is also what happens with the body while it works with your vital organs responsible for body cleanse and detoxification. While the vital organs serve as… Read More »

Natural Ways of Detoxing the Body

Natural Ways of Detoxing the Body. Part of the series: Herbs & Alternative Medicine. Natural ways of detoxing the body include eating healthy, natural foods that are not man-made, drinking plenty of water and drinking a healthy herbal tea made from chamomile, peppermint and other herbs. Avoid trying to detoxify an already healthy body with… Read More »

Go for Depo Provera Detox and You Will Love it

Many tragic incidents have been quoted about the women who received a progesterone shot known as Depo Provera detox for birth control. This synthetic progesterone was made available in the market in the early nineteen nineties. One injection was effective for three months. It acted in two different ways; firstly it suppressed ovulation i.e. release… Read More »