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Risks, Complications and Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are numerous non-surgical methods to lose weight like controlled, low-calorie diet, frequent fat burning workouts, weight loss pills etc. but what if an individual fails to do so despite following strict dietary guidelines and exercise regimen. The answer is weight loss surgery. Patients with morbid obesity do not respond to traditional weight loss means,… Read More »

What Are The Risks Of Being Overweight To One's Health?

One notes and talks about overweight more and more, but this, the percentage of the people with excess kilos is constantly increasing. As basic reason for this the specialists indicate the drastic change in the lifestyle of human in the last decades and the following physiological and psychic changes, on which human body can not… Read More »

Heart Problems

In the last newsletter, we worked through the anatomy of the heart – primarily to lay the groundwork for this issue. By using what we learned in the last issue, we can now explore: Things that can go wrong with the heart. Medical treatments. Limitations that may be inherent in some of those treatments. What… Read More »

Deep Venous Thrombosis

Planning for Greatness: Endowing the Resident Research Years ”Deep Venous Thrombosis” Michael Mulholland, MD. PhD Chair, Department of Surgery Andrea Obi, MD Vascular Surgery University of Michigan Health System  Office of Development Phone: 734-998-7705 Online Giving: http://victors.us/adtsurgery source

Supplements and Drugs: A Hazardous Combination

As I have become more involved in using functional nutritional therapy in my practice, I have come to realize that many people are still confused about the safety and effectiveness of various dietary supplements. Because these products are “natural”, many feel they are always safe to use. Although supplements and herbs can be safer than… Read More »