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Benefits of Starting a Family Fitness Plan

Family fitness makes exercise fun. Often overweight or obese children do not see fitness as something "fun" to do. Instead they look to more passive activities like playing videogames, watching television, reading or just talking with friends. By creating a family fitness plan you are showing your children by example that fitness is fun. Even… Read More »

Traumatic Events Inhibit Children's Coping Abilities

When Sally (name changed) walked into the correctional facility as a mentor to other youngsters in the rehab, no one could imagine that the poised young woman who stood before them was herself a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood. Sally recounted to them how she had been diagnosed with a post-traumatic stress disorder… Read More »

Biliary Dyskinesia – To Cut or Not to Cut?

Many people, including children, may experience attacks of pain at the right upper quadrant. This is the kind of abdominal pain that sometimes radiates to the upper back or shoulder blades. Usually it occurs after eating fatty or fried foods, heavy meals and is accompanied with nausea/vomiting and/or bloating, followed by loosening of stools. Typically,… Read More »