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How to Grow Herbs for FREE From The Grocery Store

A truly free way to getting plants from the most unsuspecting place – the grocery store. This isn’t a gimmick, and it isn’t clickbait, it truly works and I will show you how to do it too through the simple method of propagation. Rooting hormone: https://migardener.com/store/bonide-rooting-powder/ .99 heirloom & organic vegetable seeds: https://bit.ly/2AyKjJc Pre-order my… Read More »

Creating A Herb Garden

Herbs are not only decorative; they are useful as well which makes them an essential addition to any garden. Since ancient times they have been used as medicines and as food. But they also have beneficial effects on our own humble gardens, particularly in the vegetable garden, acting as deterrents to harmful insects and attracting… Read More »