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Schizophrenia – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Schizophrenia is a severe brain disease which usually manifests in adolescence or early adulthood. It causes negative symptoms like lack of motivation, self-neglect and reduced emotion. It causes positive symptoms like hallucinations, delusions and disorganized thoughts and speech. In Ayurveda, Schizophrenia is known as “Unmaad”. Most physicians treat this disease according to the presentation of… Read More »

Parkinson’s Disease – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder usually seen in the elderly population. This disease is characterized by tremor, stiffness, slowness of movement and impaired balance and coordination. Usually the symptoms persist and worsen over time. Although there is currently no cure, there are many treatment options such as medication and surgery to manage the symptoms.… Read More »

Ashwagandha Review – Health Benefits and 1 Side Effect to Watch For

READ MORE HERE: http://goo.gl/ZmXm7B Instagram: http://bit.ly/2n7nXqo Facebook: http://bit.ly/2mQbtl4 FREE 3-Day Brain Optimization Summit: http://bit.ly/2mUu4gM Imagine being in rural India 3000 years ago, feeling anxiety, and prescription drugs a completely unknown concept. For many ancient Indians in this situation, the answer was Ayurvedic medicine and ashwagandha in particular. This herbal anxiety reducer has seen continued usage… Read More »